About Ms. Hotz

About Ms. Hotz...

I have been a History teacher at Madison East High School in Madison, Wisconsin since the Fall of 2000. Currently, I teach US History 9 (Reconstruction through WWII), Honors US History 9 , and the History of Arts and Ideas (a humanities course that looks at the history of western thought, art and culture).

A graduate of UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Education, majors in History and Broad Field Social Studies and a minor in Political Science I have taught a variety of History and Social Studies classes in my career, including American Politics and Government, Western Civilization, Eastern World Studies, World History and US History of every time period.

In what very little free time I have I enjoy music, theatre, writing, reading, gaming , travel and gardening.

(For lack of better pictures at the moment, here is a picture of the view from my usually untidy desk. I suppose I'll change it at some point. )