About MsHotz.net

About this site...

It has long been a goal of mine to put together links and resources that my students (and others) may find of use in their pursuit of History and the Social Studies using the internet as a portal to the world around them.

I started fleshing out the US History, Government and News sections first, focusing mostly on websites and textual resources. I am currently working to flesh out those sections with resources like video, and also to putting together more humanities resources for Arts & Ideas (there are so many new ones all the time!) As an incomplete work (that is currently under significant construction), I realize there are some serious issues in what has and has not been included at this point. Much of this is simply a matter of time - I have many things in the works - but if there is something screaming out at you for attention - please feel free to drop me an email, I'll try to see to it soon.